Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grand Theft Auto 5 Announced!

Grand Theft Auto V has been announced!

Grand Theft Auto, the series that sets a standard for Sandbox games and has sold over 114 million units as of September 2011, has just been announced a 5th installment. When visiting the website http://www.rockstargames.com/, you will see the above picture, which says on the bottom "Trailer 11.02.11". On November 2nd, one day after Uncharted 3 is release, we will be shown the new median of the sandbox genre.

Looking at the image, you can see the roman numeric "V" is green, and surrounded by ribbon. Could this symbolize a $5 dollar bill?

Ribbons on a green dollar bill

If this is true, then this GTA5 may have money as a central focus.

Will this game have graphics better than GTAIV with the IceNHancer mod?

Is money a central focus?

Will concepts from recent Rockstar games be implemented?

As more information is released, it will all be posted and analyzed here!


  1. Bring motorcycles back!

  2. have a look at the 5 dollar bill from 1899 http://imgur.com/5Qxzd