Thursday, October 27, 2011

Galaxy SII Review

The Galaxy SII is a remarkable phone, and the best on the market as of now in my opinion. I recently upgraded from a flip phone I got in 2008 to this phone, and it's largely better. This phone is a gaming phone, with its Dual-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor and Mali-400MP GPU. I picked it up from AT&T for $200, and got an unlimited data plan for $5 more than a normal plan.

The Camera is a beautiful 8 MP camera, with a 3264x2448 pixels resolution. It amazes me how a camera that's smaller than 1 centimeter can take a picture that displays great on my 22" monitor (that's 1920x1080 pixels). Each picture is about 2-3 MB on the highest settings, and it has outstanding detail. The video is a little less impressive, but still gives 1080p @ 30fps

The Performance is outstanding, it's very (very!) responsive, has a very accurate touchscreen, and can handle games while taking no lag whatsoever. I had a slow Ipod 4th gen 32gig, and after getting my Galaxy I found out how shitty it really was. I'm very satisfied.

The Battery is pretty good, you'll get roughly 700 hours while in stand-by and 18 hours in talktime. For a beast phone, that's awesome.

I really love this phone and recommend it to anybody who has the money and will be using their phone a lot. I'm most impressed with the camera, but everything about this phone is perfected.


  1. Dr ppepper , my favorite soda...
    What a nice picture.

  2. My phone sucks :(

  3. My next upgrade is soon.. maybe I'll pick up one of those.

  4. Awesome. What's the price tag?

  5. Wow! It looks so good! I want it

  6. Well i think that camera is amazing.
    I really like it.