Saturday, October 8, 2011

Battlefield 3: Caspian Border Review

Hello Gamers!

CASPIAN BORDER IS BACK! On the PC version of the BETA, Caspian Border has been brought back to servers 8 days after it being taken off. I played it on the 29th, but not for long and thus couldn't give much of a review. Now, after playing it, I can.

The Good:

This map is what Battlefield is all about; Vehicles, open area, and teamwork. The map is very big, and the boundaries are expanded in the air for the jets. There are a million things going on at once, specifically with the PC version which has 32vs32 games. All the sounds you hear are made by other players, and it just sounds like a real war would sound. The whole atmosphere of the map is amazing and authentic.

Vehicles are strong, while not being titans. Jets can be taken down with 2-3 rockets from a Stinger, depending on both player's skill. Jets actually go faster than the rockets, so they can both escape or get hit by one. Tanks are big, but a few rockets and they're gone. Helicopters are good, but again a few rockets and it's down. Basically, they can rack up kills but they can still be destroyed by- you guessed it- a rocket. And the vehicles are very maneuverable and a blast to drive.

The destruction is also beautiful here, it really shines compared to Operation Metro.

The Bad:

Maybe it's just me, but I get lost a lot. It's a little hard to see where the flags are, and it takes a while to get there without a vehicle. Sometimes after walking for a few minutes you'll get there, only to die instantly. But again, maybe that's just me.

The map takes a while to load, but that's understandable for it's size. Still, hopefully they'll be able to make it faster.

The Ugly:

The squads are too small. Four players per squad, with 8 squads on one team, it just makes things a little tough.   A lot of times you'll only have one other person in your squad and they'll be sniping a mile away from an objective while you just want to get close and blow everything up, so you have to decide between him and another spawn. Having a 6-man squad in a 30vs30 instead of 32vs32 may even have better results.

The Verdict: 

It was hard to write the Bad and Ugly sections, because the map is so awesome it's hard to complain about. Comparing this map to Operation Metro is like comparing a huge cake to a small cupcake. I hope the other 5 release maps are more like Caspian and less like Operation metro!

by the way, the blog's background is of screenshots I took while playing!


  1. I'm very excited for the full game!!
    Its going to be SWEET

  2. The good >>> The bad.
    its going to be awesome ! :D
    nice blog btw, followed +1 (: