Monday, September 26, 2011

Starcraft 2 Custom Game Review

Hello gamers!

(SC2 Customs) 
Battlecraft Review

Battlecraft is probably one of the simplest games on Starcraft 2, yet it is one of the best. The rules are simple: Kill the opposing 2 players with counters. You gain or lose points when you win/die, and those points count towards your score (F-D-C-B-A-*-**-***-[crown]). I'm currently an A, so I am high on the scores.

When you pay for a unit, you get more than one unit. It's all very balanced, and there are little to no cheap combinations. This

The games go by fast, typically 2-5 minutes but with higher rank games it can get up to 30 minutes. For a quick bit of fun, just hop into one game and play!

I give this game an 10/10, I've played it since Starcraft 2's release and still love it. I probably have over 1000 games, and it never gets old. Make sure to check this out!

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